Surface Tension

Openings: Froelick Gallery 714 NW Davis Street Portland, Oregon 97209 
Preview night:  Wednesday, March 6th from 5 to 7pm
First Thursday: Thursday, March 7th from 5 to 8pm
Artist's talk:       Saturday, March 9th at 11am

I am exploring the interaction between the grounds (dye, paint, and sizing) on paper, linear forms like lines of branches, and the patterns they weave through several large 55 x 30” drawings. Through these linear shapes I create levels of surface, lines sitting in front and behind other lines in a shallow depth of field. The lines create an irregular net or weaving, both on the close-up detail level and in the larger overall image.

 I seal absorbent Japanese papers with layers of pigment and gelatin. Each type of paper tends to respond differently to the sizing and color. This results in a range of effects when the ink is applied to the paper- how much is the color able to sit on top of the surface and how brightly does it contrast with the base. Some of the inks absorb into the paper resulting in the background color pushing forward visually, making it challenging for the viewer to separate the foreground and background. Other inks sit on top of the paper and sizing, creating more of a visual separation. The colors of the inks and grounds also affect this dynamic, and I am especially interested light and dark blues and their complements.

These drawings create a visual play on the three levels- linear and irregular patterns, the physicality of ink on absorbent fibers, and the juxtaposition of analogous and complementary colors. I love taking hours to understand the structure of a plant or pattern and then slowly weave the parts together to create an original composition on paper. I hope to create drawings that can continuously engage and draw in the viewer.