Poem in Hebrew by Dan Pagis with English translation by Carl Adamshick. Etchings and design by Sarah Horowitz.
Size 12.5 x 9.5" (12.5 x 19" open), edition of 36.  2017

Price $2800.

In Footprints (עקֲבֵוֹת) the narrator struggles with existence, voice, and memory after the trauma of genocide. Souls and words cannot burn but they can be forgotten in the smoke, fog and hail of the Holocaust. Footprints was inspired by my friend and poet Carl Adamshick’s translation of the original by the late Israeli poet Dan Pagis published in his book Transformations (גלִגוּל). Permission to use the original text came from the estate of the author and from ACUM in Israel. The text was printed in Arno and Harel types on Zerkall paper by Art Larson of Horton Tank Graphics. Thirteen etchings were drawn, etched, and printed in graphite ink by Sarah Horowitz. The book was sewn, wrapped in a transparent abaca cover, and boxed by Julia Weese-Young.


"From the sky to the sky of skies, from the sky of skies to fog.

Despite myself
I continue in this cloud: hurried, gray,
trying to forget. In the distance the distance is retreating.

The knocking teeth
of hail:
seeds, refugees shoved quickly
into their deaths.

Read the whole poem here.